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At Brafton Research Labs we’re on a fact-finding mission. We examine content marketing. We experiment with user data. We engineer content you can actually use.

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Mastering Content Marketing Management in 2023: Survey Results

We polled over 120 marketing professionals to find out how they conduct their content marketing management. See the results for yourself!


61% of B2B Marketers Are Using TikTok: Survey Results

We asked 100 B2B marketers about their TikTok use (or lack thereof) to discover if it’s the right move for advertising professionals. Here’s what they said.


How Marketers Are Handling the Transition to Google Analytics 4

In the ever-changing and constantly evolving world of marketing, new technologies have a way of transforming how we do business..


Top E-A-T Factors: What I Learned After Analyzing 70 SERPs

With every Google algorithm change, the prevailing advice is to simply make sure your site content is high quality. One of the biggest and most important factors to consider for high-quality content, according to Google, is E-A-T: expertise, authoritativeness and trustworthiness.


Survey results: How marketers are changing their activities in response to the pandemic

To put it mildly, a lot has changed very quickly in the past month for marketers, and there’s almost certainly more change ahead.


67% of Marketers Want More Resources on Content Creation (+ More Insights From Our Latest Survey)

We found out exactly what our readers want from our marketing in our latest poll. Read on for a recap of the results.


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