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Content Analytics

We let the data speak for itself. Your content is either performing or it isn’t.

It’s our job to map your content strategy to your commercial goals, and we do that by mastering content analytics tracking and by cycling real-time metrics into the content creation process.

Put simply, we’re built for the future of content marketing.

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The Value of Content Analytics

Part of our content analytics expertise lies in the asset-level analysis we perform. Rather than assess the larger strategy at quarterly or annual intervals and call it a day, we conduct ongoing competitive analyses and page-by-page performance audits so we’re continuously in tune with what’s working and what’s not.

Every decision we make is backed by hard data, which means your marketing and sales content is hyper-targeted to specific personas, commercial intent and search behavior.

This data-driven approach to content analytics allows us to speak your customers’ language.

The upfront emphasis on data manifests as high-value relevant content, increased search engine market share and deeper audience engagement with every piece of published content. Our quantitative approach is supported by best-in-class content analytics software that uncovers user behavior, other market players to outcompete and other actionable insights that are rolled into the creation, formatting and optimization of all digital content we produce for your brand.

With every content piece that goes live, we continue to learn more about your core readers and what motivates them. By leveraging a real-time content analytics tool to measure content performance on-demand, we can quickly optimize and pivot your content strategy as necessary.

Web Analytics

Inside the many analytics dashboards we live in are the web metrics that guide our reporting. Every Brafton strategist, consultant, project manager and writer is trained in Google Analytics. We also have extensive experience with other analytics tools like Google Search Console, HubSpot, SproutSocial, Searchmetrics, Moz, SEMrush, MarketMuse and many more.

Our content analytics capabilities empower clients with business insight that fuels optimal content performance. Machine learning, text analytics and other forms of data analytics give us a glimpse into the types of content that are performing best in your industry.

We then use advanced analytics to provide extraordinarily precise recommendations for how to reach your target audience and the types of content that will help you move them through your sales cycle more effectively.

Google Partner

Brafton is an official Google Partner in Google Ads and has earned credential specializations in Search Advertising, Mobile Advertising and Shopping Advertising. We also utilize social media analytics to deliver actionable insights for your social strategy.

Needless to say, we can work with whatever analytics software or dashboard necessary to make your strategy a success.

Business Intelligence Is Content Intelligence

Top-quality content is now intelligently designed. The creative bar is higher, and search engines are sophisticated enough to actually outsmart the engineers that built them. Without a content analytics strategy, it’s impossible to take deliberate action that will move the needle and help you win new business.

We integrate your company’s business intelligence with semantic search insights, establishing content intelligence. We also use benchmark analytics and reporting tools to help track anything from bounce rate to unique user sessions, the average session duration, click-through rates, newsletter subscriptions, all of the above and more, depending on your business goals.

We know in advance what to measure, what to create and what to expect.

This tactical approach generates measurable, predictable traffic, a future-proofed marketing strategy and an overall better experience for every site visitor.

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