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Interactive Infographics

Digital engagement is at a premium. Generic text, stock imagery and static content are out – interactive content is in. Take your content marketing strategy to the next level with graphics your audience can literally engage with.

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How We Make Eye-Catching Interactive Infographics

If your brand has big dreams, we’ve got big content.

When you work with Brafton, you’ll have direct access to a team of content marketing professionals ready to support your goals, headed up by a project manager and content marketing strategist who get to know your brand, audience and goals very well.

Our in-house team of expert graphic designers create eye-catching branded visuals for their clients. They work closely with our animation and web development teams to create an interactive design that’ll captivate and educate your site visitors.

Once complete, we’ll build a search engine-optimized landing page to show off and promote your new infographic design. As a full-service content marketing agency, we know the work doesn’t end with the delivery of the asset. A strong SEO and content marketing strategy to support the launch and distribution of your interactive infographic is essential for producing the results you need.

Your dedicated team of marketing professionals will devise a distribution strategy to ensure the right people see your most important pieces of visual content.

Interactive infographics are the next frontier in content marketing, enabling your site visitors to directly interact with your brand. Your readers become active participants in your brand’s content.

Interactive Infographic Examples

Click on each interactive infographic example to see it in action:

What is an Interactive Infographic?


Interactive infographics are data-rich, visually compelling and engaging infographics that also utilize animation so users can “interact” with the design. In essence, viewers can discover information on their own by scrolling, clicking, unfolding, panning and zooming over the infographic. These movements trigger the functions within the design to display
additional content.

Common examples include:


How-To Guides



Informational Charts

Custom Questions/Quizzes

Interactive infographics are superior forms of static infographics, as they allow for more interesting data visualization, dynamism in the types of information that can be presented and greater user engagement.

Interactive elements can easily turn a good infographic into a great infographic.

How We Create Interactive Infographics

Interactivity requires integration and proficiency with certain technologies, such as Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop and After Effects. The landing page that hosts the infographic should include embed code, typically from a custom-built tool or a third-party resource, which enables animated elements on the site.

    Step 1

    The infographic creation process begins with a concept that requires involvement from Design, Animation and Tech departments. We provide standard infographic sizing options, but the best (or largest) ideas are better-suited for interactive elements. An interactive infographic will require more data, research, user options (multiple-choice questions or multi-layered pop-up functions, for instance) and programming to create.

    Step 2

    After we create written outlines and mockups, we deliver them to you for approval. Next, we begin creating the infographic from scratch while testing different visualization and engagement tactics that could enhance the user experience.

    Here are a few interactive infographic ideas to consider:

    • An interactive map to show your locations.
    • A clickable tutorial walk-through used for onboarding new employees or clients.
    • A responsive pie chart that highlights how an important statistic has changed.
    • Motion graphics that visually explain your services.

    Our team creates a test version of the graphic to see it in action and ensure it appears as expected across all web browsers and devices. The completed graphic is delivered to your team, with the appropriate GIF, SVG, PDF and other files, embed codes and elements you need. Our team can build the landing page to house your new visual communication asset, and troubleshoot any issues that arise before, during and after the launch.

    Step 3

    The launch of the final product is then determined by you and your strategist, and we begin measuring web results to report back on progress. We can create a well-rounded distribution plan, complete with social media updates, SEO blog posts, email marketing and more.

Including Interactivity in Your Marketing

Interactive infographics can serve as standalone assets on a webpage or as part of a more holistic content launch. Many of our clients create infographics to use as sales enablement tools, product demos or user-friendly software tutorials.

At the top of the funnel, you can promote interactive graphics on social media and insert yourself into industry conversations by designing around recent trends. Brafton designers can also animate custom images, creating short motion graphics that stand in for stock images in blog posts.

Further down the funnel, visual content allows you to collect prospect data based on how they interact with your graphic.

For example, if the design is a question-and-answer format such as a quiz, you can track the specific route their responses took – one direction could signal the user is simply a site visitor with little interest in your product, whereas the other direction could mean a visitor is actually a warm lead. Qualify prospects quicker, then produce follow-up content based on their interaction with your graphic.

Interactive infographics are more resource-intensive to create, but they’re also of higher quality. To maximize the asset’s value, actively promote them to your target audience by distributing them across multiple channels.

The Visual Marketing You Need

We believe in content that converts, content that makes an impact.

Without visual elements, your content marketing dollars are wasted.

74% of marketers use visuals as the primary asset in their social strategies.

37% of marketers state visuals are the most important type of content for their businesses.

People follow directions 323% better when using text + illustrations compared to text alone.

41.5% of marketers state custom infographics drive the highest visual engagement for their brand.

31% of marketers state they are devoting more than 40% of their marketing budget to visuals.

More than 4 billion people have internet access, and your content must compete with every piece of information on the web to earn an audience.

Action in your graphics leads to interaction on your site.
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