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Facebook Management Services

There are more active Facebook users than there are people living in the entire Western Hemisphere. If you’re looking for a place to connect with new audiences, engage them and nurture them to a sale, Facebook is a great starting point.

Socialize your way to new sales opportunities.

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Your Business on the World’s
Biggest Social Network

Facebook is the top-rated organic social media network among B2C marketers, and in the top three for B2B marketers. This massive online community gives businesses in all industries an opportunity to connect with their target audiences, build up a base of followers and get their content directly in those followers’ News Feeds.

Facebook is a foundational component to any social media marketing strategy. Brafton’s cross-channel digital marketing experts are here to elevate your social media presence one social media platform and campaign at a time.

Benefits of a Business Facebook Page

Your Facebook page is the centerpiece of your socialization, brand awareness and lead generation efforts on Facebook.

Creating a Business Page on Facebook also gives your brand a chance to engage with other industry counterparts, spark relationships with social media influencers and make important business connections. It also indirectly serves search engine optimization campaigns by helping to drive traffic to your web pages.

Other inherent benefits of Facebook include:

  • Cost-effective brand exposure on a dominant social media platform.
  • Access to leading technologies, marketing tactics and data insights directly within Meta Business Suite, Facebook Ads Manager and Facebook Events Manager.
  • Mobile-optimized digital experiences for your customers and prospective target audience.
  • Native organic and paid Facebook marketing services, including Facebook ads management, from one hub.

Facebook is the top-rated
organic social media network
among B2C marketers.

Facebook Management Services From Brafton

We offer monthly and rolling social media management services, as well as custom-quoted services for just about anything you might need in the way of social marketing and advertising strategies.

By working with Brafton, you free up internal resources and can tap into expert social media strategy from analysts, managers and consultants who do this every day. Working through a single point of contact, your marketing team gets full access to the creative, strategy, metrics, tools, research and documentation that goes into constructing and executing your Facebook advertising and marketing campaigns.

That’s what you can expect from end-to-end management of your Facebook account. Total accountability, real-time insights and ultimate ROI to show your boss.

Here’s how Brafton’s Facebook marketing services can amplify your brand:

Social Media Management

We offer monthly and rolling social media management services, as well as custom-quoted services for just about anything you might need in the way of Facebook marketing. We can build your social profiles from scratch, which includes setting up page roles to creating copy for your Business Page, customizing notifications, organizing page tabs, helping you promote your page through your website and much more.

Alternatively, we can optimize your existing Facebook presence by:

  • Setting strategic goals.
  • Refining your target audience with Audience Insights and other tools.
  • Optimizing your Business Page copy.
  • Making recommendations for what information to add to your About pages.
  • Incorporating calls-to-action on your Business Page.
  • Helping you build up your base of followers.
  • Creating a posting schedule.
  • Posting social media content like instant stories, links, questions, photos, videos and more.
  • Engaging other brands to help expand your presence on the network.
  • Responding to comments.
  • Much more.

Social Engagement Videos

Video reigns supreme on Facebook. It delivers demonstrably better engagement metrics (impressions, likes, comments, shares) than any other type of content on the channel.

A Brafton, we have an in-house video production team that can script, produce and edit social engagement videos. These 30- to 45-second shorts are crafted to be memorable, engaging and easily digested by anyone scrolling through a congested News Feed. Additionally, you can use your Facebook page to share, distribute and promote product demos, animated explainer videos, live events and other forms of video marketing your brand engages in.

Your Facebook video content can also work cohesively with your videos on other channels, such as YouTube, your website, another social media platform and more. The effect is a widespread visual presence across the web in many formats.

Social Media Advertising Management

Facebook Ad management is one of our specialties at Brafton. We can work within Ad Manager and the Power Editor to oversee your ad campaigns from start to finish. We’ll help you refine your target audiences, select the right Facebook ad formats, allocate ad spend strategically across your other channels and measure the performance of your paid social campaigns.

We can also create keyword-optimized conversion landing pages for your ads and your Sponsored Posts, write compelling ad copy, design banners and much more.

Social Listening

By keeping an ear to the ground using social listening tools, tactics and techniques, our social media managers can essentially discover conversations – for better or worse – Facebook users are having about your brand.

Social listening is the monitoring and compilation of key metrics such as brand mentions, the context for those mentions, sentiment, share of your brand’s voice in industry conversations relative to competitors’ and much more. This information can be invaluable for reputation management and customer relationship building. It can also be used to identify opportunities to work alongside social media influencers.

Your social media manager uses these qualitative and qualitative data points to pivot your Facebook strategy, allocate investments and help your brand voice its opinion on hot topics.

Social Media Contest Creation and Management

Rule No. 1 of all social media: Be social. At Brafton, we don’t just treat Facebook like a content distribution platform. We also make sure that we’re actively engaging the right audiences and going the extra mile to spark relationships with potential leads.

One of the ways we do this is by strategizing contests and user-generated content campaigns that will help build up followers and drive deeper engagement among your existing audience. We also help manage these campaigns during their execution and measure the outcomes.

Reporting for Your Social Media Campaign

Facebook marketing is most effective when it’s part of a larger strategy that serves your goals. Whether those are to drive more traffic to your website, boost lead generation, improve customer satisfaction, build customer loyalty or all of the above, our social media strategists will create benchmark reports and then track the progress of your campaigns on a monthly basis.

Some of the key metrics we look at in our analytics and reporting include:

  • Impressions.
  • Reach.
  • Clicks.
  • Likes.
  • Shares.
  • Comments.
  • Facebook referral traffic.
  • Follows.
  • Video metrics.
  • Cost-per-click, cost-per-action, cost-per-thousand-impressions and other paid ad metrics.

We can also create custom reports for individual social initiatives such as contests and user-generated content campaigns.

The partnership doesn’t end there, though. We use these data points to continuously optimize your Facebook efforts for maximum ROI at all times. The insights generated from your Facebook target audience are also useful for other digital marketing channels, helping to paint a fuller picture of who exactly your followers are.

Facebook marketing is most
effective when it’s part of a larger
strategy that serves your goals.

Strategize. Engage. Convert

You don’t need to connect with all 2 billion Facebook users – just the ones that have commercial value to your brand.

Our Facebook management services will help you develop a strategy to engage those users, and convert them into high-value prospects.

Learn more about our Facebook Management Services.